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Welcome to the new Scullerymade web site. This site is consistently and progressively under construconstruction120.jpgction (no matter how long it takes), as our product range now exceeds some 4000 stock references and still growing, this could take a little time, so please be patient. Check on us frequently as updates,additions and modifications are continuously on going.

Scullerymade is a major supplier of quality cooking utensils to professional and domestic cooking enthusiasts since 1978. Our client list covers a wide and varied group of identities includes, restaurants, hotels, cafes and wide range of institutions. Our products are coveted by cooks from all walks of life. Scullerymade Imports, are primarily importing from Europe and distributed in Australia via. selected resellers throughout Australia and the Asia Pacific regions. In Australia, we can often send most goods via. Australia Post.

How efficient is your cookware?  We ask this question of our appliances, (dishwasher, cooker, lighting, refrigerator, air conditioner) etc. Noticeably, we are rarely asked about the efficiency of our cookware. Importantly, well designed, well manufactured cookware can be responsible for large cost savings on energy, especially when averaged out over the lifetime of the cookware. Furthermore, less energy is required for cleaning, hot water, detergent, brushes, cleaning sponges etc. The same principal can be applied to automatic dishwashers. In most instances a shorter wash cycle is generally sufficient to adequately clean, good quality, dishwasher safe, cookware. Hence, less detergent, less power consumption, less pollution, less water usage, and less expense to the user.

Goods forwarded on to our authorised resellers and to our end user customers, are packed with totally re-cycled materials, both boxes and packing materials, whenever possible.

Please, take your time to peruse this site, if you enjoy cooking or would like to improve your technique, we will have a product to assist you. Alternatively, visit our Malvern showroom soon. Detailed directions to our showroom location can be found on this site on the:-

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